Who is The Art of Startup for?

This platform and the TAS Blueprint Model is for anyone who wants to develop a professional business, a project, a freelance career or engage with entrepreneurship education.

The platform and the TAS Blueprint Model can be used by both professionals, students and teachers. It can be used individually, in groups or for teaching a larger group of students. The blueprint model will adjust according to the intention.

What is blueprint modelling?

Blueprint modelling is a guide that will help you develop and operate your business, project or career from an informed platform.

The Art of Startup has the creative disciplines as a primary focus, based on the fact that the larger part of professionals working in the arts and creative disciplines are self-employed for most of their professional life. Blueprint modelling is a guide that will help you develop, establish and operate your professional life as a business, whether you are your own boss, work for others, or a mix of both.

How should this platform be used?

The short answer to that is: according to you needs. The language we use on this platform is for the most part from the realm of starting and operating a business, but you can just as well use this platform to help yourself become aware of your professional goals or to develop your career plan from the Blueprint Workbook. The platform can also be useful if you are developing or managing a project, if you are trying to figure out whether you should start a shared venture with someone, or if you are a teacher developing an entrepreneurship program.

We recommend that you begin by taking a tour in the Startup Wheel. In this model, we help you to ask a series of questions, which will help you enter the entrepreneurial process that lies ahead of you. You can go to the Startup Wheel here or from the menu at the top, where you will also find the rest of the models and templates, we are using in the TAS Blueprint Model.

And then it is time to move on to TAS Blueprint Modelling!


  1. Make sure you have a login
  2. Download the TAS Workbook Business Plan
  3. Read the text on this page
  4. Follow the steps in TAS Blueprint Modelling


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